How To Choose a Crystal

The single most important advice that we at Elevate Us can give, is to trust your intuition. There isn’t a right or wrong way to choose a crystal, but you should be looking to feel a connection.

You'll find that the right crystal will call out to you based on what you need at the moment, and that is often the best way to choose a crystal.

Start by deciding your goals or intentions. Why do you want a crystal? What do you hope to achieve?

Notice if any of the ones you were immediately drawn to also made a lasting impression on you after you spent a little time gazing into the image. If so, those are the ones to start with.

Each crystal has unique properties that change our energy field in different ways. So, whether you’re interested in spiritual self-development, protection, health or general well-being, there are several crystals that align to this energy.

You also shouldn’t worry about making a bad choice. All gemstones hold the imprint of their specific structure and energy, so any crystal of a specific type will support your intentions.